April 13, 2014

For ageing ears and feet

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Spike and Dad are quite old – they’re both a bit deaf and don’t run around like I do.


Spike went to see the vet. He’s still a bit deaf, but came home with some medicine to help his poor old feet and he’s a lot more comfortable now :D






Dad went to hospital for some hearing aids (he’s looking forward to turning them off when Mum’s talking too much ;) )


He then went to see if Si and Cousin Gyp could help him with his poor old feet. 

He’s a lot more comfortable now and hopes to walk for miles and miles and miles :D  (hope he takes me with him!) 







Cousin Gyp thought Dad was nice to play with





I’m not so sure he thought the same of me :(





(With thanks to Si for the last photograph)



March 20, 2014

At school – - -

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You should watch and learn from others



Settle down quietly and pay attention to your teacher




Run and play nicely with your friends at playtime




And come straight away when you’re called




With huge thanks to Sue Little of Rusca Farm Working Sheepdogs, for her patient and insightful sheepdog handler training, and for helping Amos to become much more relaxed around other dogs. Angela.

March 18, 2014

City break


It’s often been said that I should “Get out more.”

So I went on a city break :D

I stayed in a hotel :D


 IMG_0636 IMG_0661 (2)IMG_0632 (2)


Did a bit of sight-seeing


Saw water like I’ve never seen it before!



And did a bit of socialising with city people and their dogs.



March 4, 2014

I’m Normal!

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It’s been an interesting few weeks.
I’ve had blood taken from my leg (they wanted to get it from my neck, but I didn’t trust the vet near me with the hair trimmers, let alone the big needle!)
I’ve had stuff squirted in my eyes and then been stared at in the dark by another vet with strange equipment on his head.
I now have a certificate, just to tell me that I’m


So, here are some pictures of a “normal” dog on a normal walk with his friend, Spike :)



February 1, 2014

Almost a useful sheepdog

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We had a good day at sheepdog school this week.

I almost managed to sniff Skye’s bottom :) though disappointingly, she moved out of my reach :(

Sue showed Mum how to help me get the sheep into the little pen :) We had to deal with the chocolate one that kept sneaking away from the rest, some overshooting of our target, a few refusals and a couple of ewe turns (hehehe) but in the end we did it!  :D Mum couldn’t help giving out a self congratulatory cheer and I must confess to wearing a grin of satisfaction myself :D

I made friends with Joe :)

And then, perhaps best of all, when I thought I’d had all of my turns, Sue gave me a very responsible job :D She asked me to help Tay with her go! I had to hold the sheep in the middle of the field for her to run round. That was very tricky, because the sheep ran away from her, but I worked hard and tried my very best. I almost kept them there.To keep the sheep safe, Mum and I steered them into the big round pen for the rest of Tay’s turn.

I wonder if I’m a useful sheepdog yet – - – - ?

January 6, 2014

Daft as a brush

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I love cleaning up after everyone has gone, but it can be very tiring.



December 30, 2013

For me? :D

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A blanket




A ball!




And a book :)




December 24, 2013

As I’ve said before – -

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Cats – - - 




especially kittens – - - 





can be tricky!







December 19, 2013

It is better to give than to receive


I need someone to take me Christmas shopping!


Amos Christmas shopping list

December 5, 2013

Respect and Ambition

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I respect Spike – - – - -





because he can hold Green Dingle AND Blue Dingle in his mouth at once!






November 29, 2013

I wish I’d seen these!!

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I’ve had an exciting few days looking after visitors :D

I took Aunty Janet on one of my favourite walks – -





She liked the way I listened when she talked to me :)





To make sure they weren’t bored in the house, I brought in from the muddy garden a constant and plentiful supply of toys and generously placed them in Uncle Dick’s lap :Dthink he was pleased.

Then they left me and Spike behind, even though there was talk of a beach!




These are what they went to see without us – - -








November 17, 2013

Herding cats

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I can herd ducks





I can herd sheep





But cats are tricky!



November 15, 2013

Footprints in the sand

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IMG_9873IMG_9871 - CopyIMG_9880 - CopyIMG_9887IMG_9872 - CopyIMG_9869 - CopyIMG_9870 - CopyIMG_9897IMG_9883 - CopyIMG_9874

November 7, 2013

Counting sheep

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I think Sue said they were Shetlands, but they were very tricky sheep anyway!

They were darker , scattier, and much faster than the ones I normally keep together and take to Mum.

Mum had to think faster than she normally does and I could see she was having a bit of trouble with that! She should have made me stay a lot further behind them, but how could I refuse when she asked me to “Walk up” instead of “Lie down?” As a result, the sheep kept going past her and she had to send me on a “Come by!” or “Away!” to turn them round and bring them back to her – no problem I do enjoy doing that! :D

There were FIFTEEN sheep – I counted them. I fell asleep in the car and slept all the way home.





October 4, 2013

School photos


very nice lady came to take some photographs at my school the other week :D


These are the ones of me that Mum’s going to put up on the wall :D


_28P4247 (1)_28P3799-Edit_28P3850-Edit_28P3851-Edit_28P3797_28P4236-Edit (2)



You can look at the other sheepdogs at my school here:


This is the school I go to, where Sue (another very nice lady!) teaches Mum how to train me :D


September 26, 2013


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Mum’s been looking back at my puppy album.


IMG_2331 (2)



I do hope she’s not getting broody!

September 15, 2013

It’s that time of year again – -

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- – - –  When the hedges get shorter,





the fields change colour – -






and pudding falls out of the trees :D




August 24, 2013

Loitering within tent

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Dad thinks Mum’s a bit daft sometimes, but I think that makes life interesting :)

At nearly “Bedtime!”  yesterday, Dad said he was too old for it and anyway it was forecast for rain, but Mum was excited and took some blankets outside!

I HAD to follow, of course! (We left the old boys in the house.)

Routine and predictability have their place, but spontaneity and being a bit daft is much more fun :D


I kept an eye on the door for a while




And tried to stay awake





But I’d had a busy day and it was so comfy and snuggly  - – - -





August 23, 2013

Boys and Toys

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An unusual flurry of activity in the house can go either way – it can portend unjust confinement to the kitchen or an exciting day.

This morning, Dad was on vacuum cleaner duty and Mum was in charge of food.




We were delighted to have a return visit from some of our favourite people :)


Spike, Dad and I enjoyed sharing our toys with them :D






Something I hadn’t seen before appeared in the garden – - -





The boys lit a fire on the grass!





And we did as we were told :)





Spike, Dad and I had lots of fun playing today :D please come and visit us again soon!








August 5, 2013

I’ve bin entertaining Mum

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