August 1, 2011

Let’s get writing – first week in my new home

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This is what I need to write my blog. I’m not sure how to open it, but it’s warm to sleep on 🙂

Ah, Mum’s helped me.

I’ve been at my new house a whole week now and have learned lots of things:

-Where my food is kept
-Where I can eat my food
-What time breakfast time is
-What time dinner time is
-What time teatime is
-What I have to do to get a treat when it’s not breakfast time, dinner time or tea time (dead easy – just sit up straight or flop down on the floor or sit next to Mum’s leg or go to her and sit nicely in front of her – she’s really impressed, but it’s dead easy.)
-Where to find some good toys. Mum bought me lots of puppy toys, which is nice, but Dad says she spent too much money. I don’t want to spoil all the expensive toys, so I help by chewing the edges of the carpet instead, or something that smells like sheep which Mum calls knitting, or the “recycling” from next to the sink.)
-Where to do my wees and the other things. Mum takes me out into the garden all the time and is really pleased when I do a wee or the other thing, (and is especially pleased if I don’t eat the other thing) so I do lots for her. I go to the door when I know I really need to go, but sometimes I just have a wee in the hall or on the kitchen floor, if I’m too busy and forget.
-When it’s bedtime. I like going to bed, because I have a comfy quilt in a big crate. I cried on my first night, but I don’t cry at all now, because I like it here and when I wake up my mum takes me out for a wee and the other thing, then I go back to sleep for a little while.
-That people are interesting and fun and nice to be with, though I think I learned that first from Rachel on the farm – she was nice.

It’s nearly bedtime now, so I’ll get Mum to finish this for me.


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