August 12, 2011

New things

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I’ve learned so many new things this week 🙂
Mum keeps taking me out – “socialising,” she calls it. I call it seeing new things and having fun!
It’s a bit frustrating too, though, because Mum won’t always let me walk. It would be even more fun if she would let me walk more. I’ve learned new things in the garden and the house too.

I’ll write a list of the interesting new things I can remember:

People are always interesting and usually want to stop and talk to me and Mum. I’ve taken a particular fancy to a lady called Tracey, who just loves me and makes so much fuss every time she sees me.
People come in all different smells and sizes and sometimes carry bags which smell good too. People walk slowly or quickly or with a limp and sometimes they run (though not usually the ones with a limp.) I’ve even seen people on bicycles, in little carts with wheels, or carrying BIG things on their shoulders!

Double deckers. They’re much bigger than cars. We got on one and went for a ride! It was full of more people 🙂

There’s a place down the road which Mum says is a pub. I was allowed in to meet some of the villagers sitting on stools at the bar, the landlady and her daughter and, best of all – Harry, a young Labrador, who let me play with him. He lives at the pub – how exciting!

Tractors and trailers. Some of them are very big and noisy. I’m not so sure about them.

A horse. I saw one walking down the road with a lady sitting on it. They stopped and the lady asked my name and my age. I didn’t think to ask her the same, because I was so surprised and interested in what I was seeing. I could hardly believe my eyes!

Weddings. We sat and watched photographs being taken at a wedding. I have my photograph taken all the time, so I knew what that was all about. I didn’t know about colourful tissue paper people throw at a wedding, but I liked that – I chased and caught some of it 🙂

Dogs can be as big as small ponies! Uma is so tall I had to stand on my hind legs to reach her mouth and still she had to bend down to meet me! She is a kind, gentle lady dog, so I was very well-behaved and sat quietly and looked up at her admiringly.

Some shops have toys! Mum bought me a ball on a rope which she keeps in her pocket.

I can shimmy under the gate into the little garden (only where there’s a broken slat though.) Mum says the gap is so tiny and I am so clever I could be a caver like Peter and Robert.

When people come to visit, I get lots of attention. The ladies always want to cuddle me and the gentlemen are more impressed when I’m running around doing clever things.

The cat sometimes leaves some food in his dish. If I think more quickly than my mum does, I can dash through and gobble what’s left. The trouble is, Mum usually sees me thinking!

Oh, did I tell you I’ve taught Mum a trick? If I toss a ball towards her, she plays with it a bit, then throws it a little way. I take it back to her and she does it again! Isn’t she clever!

Thunder. Spike didn’t seem bothered by it, nor did Mum, so I guessed it was okay.

Gate catches. They seem to work a bit like door handles in the house, so I’m working out how to reach them.

Gardening. Mum and Dad do lots of gardening. It looks fun and I’ve started to help them a bit. I’ll write about gardening later today, because Mum says she has some photos of me helping 🙂


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