August 14, 2011

Big feet

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People keep telling me I have big feet.

The Boss where I was born said I had big feet.

Visitors to the house say I have big feet.

People who stop and chat when I’m out with my mum mention big feet.

Hmmm – I’m beginning to get a bit worried now!

Here are some pictures of  my feet and other people’s feet. What do you think?

My front feet - rather dainty, I think!

My back right foot (front left in the background)

Jess's feet, my feet and one of Uncle Craig's feet

Tesla's feet

Ladies' feet

Tesla's front left foot

My front feet, in the car crate when I was eight weeks old

Ducks' feet and Dad's foot (tongue twister, this one!)



  1. Don’t worry Amos, my cat Maisie has huge feet. And she’s a girl.

    Comment by Felicity Flowers — August 20, 2011 @ 5:14 pm

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