August 17, 2011

Cream tea

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I wasn’t sure what a cream tea was, but that’s what Mum said we were going for yesterday.

It involved travelling in my crate in the back of the car, with Spike all excited next to me.

It wasn’t too long before the car stopped and we were exploring on foot, Mum in the lead.

There were new smells, new sights and new sounds, different surfaces underfoot – cobbles, they’re different! – and new tastes to be snatched at when I could.

We made slow progress. I can’t wait to get further on, as there’s always something exciting ahead, but Mum stops if I pull. It’s very hard not to pull, as everything is so wonderful, but that’s the way it is on a lead – I have to behave nicely.

The town we were in is called Horncastle, apparently, and was full of people. Have I told you before I love people? They all bend down and make a fuss of me 🙂

Mum carried me across a road. I’m getting to dislike being carried anywhere and wriggled – I’m very good at wriggling. We were then heading downhill and I could smell water and ducks, so I soon forgot about having been carried.

I’m beginning to learn that there are many types of duck – just look at these!

Yet more funny-looking ducks!

Anyway, this wasn’t cream tea, so we moved on.

I was very frightened by a sudden and alarming noise a van made as we were walking past. Spike wasn’t bothered, but he didn’t think me silly, which was nice, and Mum and Dad let me look at it for a while before encouraging me on.

At a house with delightfully sweet aromas wafting out from its door and tempting morsels on tables in front of people sitting outside, we stopped. Dad went inside to see if Spike and I were allowed in the garden, though I’m really not sure why we wouldn’t be. I’m so glad we could go in, because there were more people to meet. One man made a real fuss of Spike and ignored me. He said something like, “The man of the house” and “Silly little puppy” and Spike looked very happy and pleased with himself. There were some children at the table nearest to us and they loved me 🙂

I soon found out what  cream tea is, as the children fed us from their little fingers, small pieces of crunchy, sweet food , which Spike and I sat nicely for and took very gently. How lovely!

I do like cream tea and hope we’ll go for one again very soon!

Mum and Dad had this:


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