August 26, 2011

The cat and the crate

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Two of my favourite things in my new home are the cat and the crate.

At least they were.

I have two crates, actually; one I have a nap in during the day, which has something to nag on if I fancy, a bowl of water for if I’m thirsty and some soft bedding for me to rearrange.

The other one is in my bedroom to sleep in at night.

The night time crate seems to send me to sleep, because as soon as Mum puts me in there and says, “Night night, Amos,” I fall fast asleep until it starts getting light the next morning and there are things to do again.

The daytime crate goes in the car sometimes, for when we go to the shops, or the vet, or for cream tea.

This is me travelling to my new home

I like my crates.

At least I did.

The cat is a good friend.

At least he was.

The cat – Tesla, his name – is nice to explore the garden with, comfy to snuggle up to, washes my face, has great food he’s sometimes silly enough to waste, and has taught me clever tricks, like the walking-along-the-top-of-the-wall-trick and the disappearing-up-a-tree-trick (though I’ve not been able to copy that one so far.)

He’s just my size too, and is fun to play with.

Exploring the garden with my friend, Tesla

Room for me too?

"You need a wash!" says Tesla

Tesla and me on the patio wall

At least he was.

Suddenly, he’s developed some sharp corners when I’m playing the dive-into-him-at full hurtle-and-surprise-him game, or the nibble-an-ear game!

Mum spoils things too, even though she knows it’s a special DON’T game!

She pulls me off him, growling “Don’t!” then tries to entice me into a different game with one of her toys! Well, “that’s not going to work,” I think, and before I know what’s happening, I’m in my crate with only still things to nag and nibble at and the poor cat’s on his own with no one to play with!

The trouble is, I want to be cross, but I can’t help myself and get distracted by the silly bedding – it’s always in the wrong place. I rearrange it a bit and before I know it, I’ve fallen asleep!


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