August 29, 2011

Toys and good manners

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Ball, Boggle, Grub, Jack, Keys, Rope

I thought I would show you some of my toys: Ball, Boggle, Grub, Jack, Keys and Rope.


Mum’s trying to teach me good manners, like:

not jumping up at people when I’m pleased to see them,

to sit and wait for humans to go through a door first,

to sit and wait nicely for my breakfast, my dinner and my tea,

to walk nicely on the lead,

to wait patiently while Mum stops and chats to people she meets,

and not to play too roughly with the cat.


But, while she’s been concentrating on teaching me all of those things, I’ve been learning something different all by myself – the names of my toys.

I know all of those in the picture 😀

My Mum says it’s not nice to blow your own trumpet, but I don’t have a trumpet, so I won’t be doing that!

She says it’s not good manners to show off, either, but I think my mum’s showing off – arranging them in alphabetical order!



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