September 2, 2011

Best of friends

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Ever since I was last stung by those stripey buzzy things, I’ve been making friends with lots of dogs. There’s Molly and Danny and Cassie and Carrie who said, “Hello!” nicely on their leads; there’s the barky dog on the farm we walk past on the Escher Walk and the two that ran out noisily to say, “Hello!” but their Mum shouted them in and was then cross with them for doing as they were told.

I met two more today, who are  my cousins: Maddy and Oliver. They are grown up dogs, but smaller than me.
They were fun to play with, especially when I found Maddy’s favourite toy – a pretend sheep – and ran down the garden with it. They tried very hard to catch up with me!

Spike didn’t join in  much, but he’s quite old and was happy sitting next to Mum having a cup of tea at a see-through table.
I was hoping it would be a fall-through table as well, but it wasn’t, because the cakes stayed where they were above my head, so I dug things up out of the garden to eat instead.

I think Spike was quite proud of me today. He thought I’d played nicely with the little dogs and was well-behaved. He did say I shouldn’t have finished off Oliver’s dinner for him though, even if I was only helping.

I might have made lots of new friends lately, but my favourite is still Spike.

Spike is my very best friend.
I want to show you a nice picture of us together in Maddy and Oliver’s garden:

Best of friends


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