September 5, 2011

“Find!” “Fetch!” and wrestles with the cat

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Spike was fast asleep this morning when I woke up, so I played with Mum – she’s getting so good at playing!

She hides toys, and I pretend I don’t know where they are, because she really enjoys watching me look in all the usual places, then putting my nose to the floor and sniffing them out. You should see how excited she is when I “find” them!

She’s pretty good at throwing toys too, so I “fetch” them for her so she can have fun doing it again.

It was obvious to me, though, that Mum was getting tired of playing, because she sat down with her blog-writing machine.

“Right,” I thought, “I’ll keep the cat entertained instead.”

He likes to make our games more interesting, by sitting in different places for me to find him.

When I find him, we have a bit of a wrestle.

The trouble is, the cat cheats and sits where I’m not allowed and sometimes I get caught :$


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