September 7, 2011

First day at school

I knew something different was going to happen yesterday, because Mum felt different. She was a bit excited and a bit worried at the same time.

She went into town to buy me a new collar and when she came back, she packed me some special lunch and one of my favourite toys.

The crate went into the car, she lifted me up into it and we were off!

When the car stopped, we were at a place I hadn’t been to before, with smells of other dogs, horses, rabbits and yet another type of duck. I saw the ducks – they were huge and made honking noises!

Two puppies tumbled out of a big car with their mums and dads. The puppies yapped excitedly – they knew each other. I didn’t know anyone 😦
When the other puppies saw me, they barked, so I made myself look big, made sure Mum was still with me and barked back!

They were all right though. We had a bit of a sniff while the mums chatted, then walked up the path together.

I was going to school for the very first time, like lots of children would be doing this week, Mum told me.

Well, school was a very big place! It was a bit like Dad’s shed, but much bigger and without the piles of wood and noisy machines. It had sawdust and shavings on the floor though, just like Dad’s.

I made a fool of myself as I tried to get into school. I pushed my head through a gap at the side of the gate and it got stuck. The teacher had to help me out! I thought she might be cross or think I was stupid, but she was very kind and made me feel better. I don’t think the other puppies saw.

The mums and dads were allowed to stay. They introduced themselves and I heard Mum say, “Amos.” She was probably telling them I was Gorgeous and Clever Boy too.

The teacher gave the mums a little toy each, talked a bit and then we started our lessons 😀

I couldn’t believe my ears and nose – I heard a sharp click then Mum gave me a very tasty treat. I didn’t even have to do anything clever first! The clicks kept coming, the tasty treats kept coming. I was going to like school!

I then had to “sit” before I heard a click and get my treat, but that was dead easy.

Then Mum asked me to “down” to get a click and a treat – dead easy.

Sometimes I stayed still in a “sit” or a “down” before I heard the click and got my treat.

Next we did walking nicely on the lead. I knew about this too, so it wasn’t hard, except when another puppy was doing something interesting near me. I had to think, “puppy or treat?, puppy or treat?”

The teacher said  “Beautiful!” when I was getting my treats.

She let me say, “Hello!” to a round brown puppy called Tia. I showed her how nicely I can play – like Spike has taught me.

I think we were all getting bored with walking nicely though, so the teacher let us do some tricks. We had to twist and twirl. That was sort of fun, but a bit daft, I thought.

Mum hadn’t packed me enough lunch, so a lady who helps in the classroom gave her some sausages.

I liked the sausage lady 🙂

School was fun, but there was one thing that really worried me, and that was doing a wee. I was frightened to ask while I was in the classroom, so I did one in my crate on the way home 😳


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