September 18, 2011

Finding my voice

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Spike is a big dog and has a big, deep voice for frightening things away from him and our house.

He’s so brave and clever.

I’ve been watching what he does. He stands squarely to get a good balance, sometimes runs a bit first, then throws his head up and barks!

It might be other dogs walking past our garden, or a fox or an owl making a noise, or the postman pulling up in his van, or the dustmen coming to empty the bin, but he treats them all the same – a big, deep, loud,

“What are you doing near our house? Go away!”

Sometimes he makes me jump when he barks. Sometimes I have a little look to see what he’s barking at, and sometimes I decide to run in and find Mum – she always knows what to do.

Just lately though, I’ve been brave enough to run out and see what’s going on before Spike has noticed anything. I dash out, stand squarely to get my balance, throw my head up and – and – and – I hear a big, loud,

“What are you doing near our house? Go away!”

It isn’t Spike though, so I nearly jump out of my skin, put my hackles up, my tail between my legs and run in to find Mum.


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