September 20, 2011

Growing taller

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Oh, it’s so good to be growing taller!

Things on tables, windowsills and shelves that I could only dream of reaching, are now easy to get to 😀

Tesla still sits in “too-high-up” places, but there are other wonderful things I can reach!

I’m not being naughty, just exploring. Mum doesn’t always use the don’t word, but I grab and run off with things just in case.

Today, I followed her into a room – full of wonderful things – that I’m not usually allowed in and was very excited by something that looked like a cat, but was hard, cold and still, so I don’t think it was a proper cat, but I wanted to make sure. There was a bit of a crash as I pushed past a tub of writing sticks to get to it, then I noticed I could see the garden and the road from high up, so that was exciting and something else fell to the floor.

That was when Mum took me out of the room full of wonderful things.

And, for things even higher, I’ve found another way 😀

Chair left in just the right place!

- - - for getting their attention!

Garden bench in just the right place - - -


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