September 21, 2011

PE and playtime

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I went to school again yesterday 😀

We had registration, where the teacher said, “Hello!” to us and we all said ,”Hello!” back.

We turned our brains on  by practising some of the easy things we’d done in our first lesson, like “Sit!” and “Down!” and “Walking nicely on the lead.”

Then we did some harder things, like “Sit and Wait!” and “Going straight to Mum when you’re called and not stopping to sniff at exciting smells or going to say, “Hello!” to the other puppies!”

This week, we all had a turn to show everyone else what we’d learned, so the Mums were a bit nervous. I don’t know why.

Mum took chicken for my packing up this time, which was probably a good thing, because one of the puppies is called Sausage – when her mum and dad call her, it’s all a bit much!

The teacher and the sausage lady put out the PE equipment for our next lesson. We hadn’t done PE before, so we were all a bit curious and excited.

We took turns to walk along a long piece of wood (easier than the walking-along-the-top-of-the-patio-wall game that Tesla taught me), to lie down in a little tent, wiggle in and out of some fence posts in a line, “Wait!” on a mat and run through a tunnel.

I liked PE 😀

Before it was time to go home, we had playtime, so all the puppies, one by one, were allowed to play with each other. The teacher chose the two tiny, hairy dogs first and they bundled together in the middle of the classroom. They scrapped and rolled and it looked as if the little girl puppy was in charge of that game.

Then a stripey brown puppy was allowed to join in but he wasn’t very interested until the little girl puppy was picked up by the teacher.

Next to join in was the round brown puppy (more my sort, I decided) and she looked fun, running around. The stripey brown puppy liked her too, so I was very relieved when, finally, I was allowed to join in!

I weighed things up a bit first, before doing my best play bow and run – and – see – if – you – can – catch – me, then I had real fun!

Our leads were still on, which was a bit of a nuisance, but we were able to tear round at great speed and really play.

Playtime ended when there was a bit of a tangle under a chair, a growl from one of us (I’m not sure which of us it was) and the teacher told the mums, “Retrieve your dogs!”

The talking bit at the end of school is when the teacher tells the mums how clever and good we’ve all been.

She said we were all learning very well and that we were all sociable puppies.

I also heard the word, “bully.” Apparently, the tiny, hairy girl dog might be one and – – – -“Amos” — – – she said.

I don’t know what a bully is, but Mum went quiet and seemed a bit sad on the way home.



  1. You’re definitely not a bully, Amos!!

    Comment by Felicity Flowers — September 21, 2011 @ 10:42 pm

    • Tesla the cat begs to disagree…

      Comment by pcjc2 — September 21, 2011 @ 11:08 pm

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