September 23, 2011

Too many cars

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Mum took me out for the afternoon today, to the place where we had cream tea, but we didn’t have cream tea this time 😦

We visited my cousins Maddie and Oliver again. Oliver wasn’t very pleased to see me, even though I flopped as low and respectfully on the ground as I could. Perhaps Spike had been right last time, when he said I shouldn’t have eaten Oliver’s dinner. I didn’t eat Maddie’s dinner, but all she wanted to do was to sit and look at my Mum, hoping she would give her some of my “Good!” or “Click!” packing up 😦

Anyway, we didn’t stay there long, as Mum wanted to show me around the town she grew up in.

We visited the river again. I really like the river. There were far more ducks than I could count and the two huge white hissy ones that I saw last time, but I just wanted a bit of a paddle, without disturbing the ducks. It was nice and cool on my feet.

Some children came along and asked if they could stroke me – oh I did like that πŸ˜€

Children are always so happy and friendly and not too tall for me to reach. I wag my tail a lot when I see children.

Grown-up people stopped to talk to Mum and me too and one lady came out of a shop to tell Mum it was okay to take me in πŸ™‚

It was a shop with books and comics and toy tractors and farm animals – one of Mum’s favourite shops when she was a little girl. As we came out of the shop, I heard the lady say,

“Did you see that gorgeous puppy in here?”

That must have been me πŸ˜€

An old lady and her man bent down to say, “Hello” to me and told Mum she was very lucky and that she must take good care of me. She is very lucky andΒ she does take good care of me, except that today there were too many cars 😦

She sat down on a bench with me at her feet and we just watched what was going on. I was happy to look up at people passing by, hoping they would stop and talk to us, but I wasn’t happy to be near the cars. There were so many of them! They didn’t go fast, like the ones on the road we walk along near our house, there were just too many of them and they had a horrible smell and they were noisy and just kept coming.

Mum took me somewhere a bit quieter, but there were still too many cars, so I thought I would try to go in another shop, because the nice-lady-and-book shop had been so lovely.

Mum tried to do homework with me, but I really couldn’t keep my mind on sausages while there were too many cars 😦

In the end, we went back to the river, where I was happy. We talked to some more people, had another paddle, then found the car to come back home.

I like being inside a car – that’s different Β πŸ˜€


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