September 26, 2011

Dad in charge

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I knew something was going on the other day!

I was right!

Mum went off in the car with a bag of clothes and things, all the cameras and the blog-writing machine and didn’t take me 😦

She didn’t come back soon with shopping bags. She was gone for two days and nearly two sleeps!

Dad was in charge.

That was good and bad.


He knew what time to give me my breakfast, my dinner and my tea (I was worried he might not.)

He took me out into the garden to help with soil spreading and fencing and I found “pudding” while I was out there 🙂

He played lots of “Fetch!” with me.

He took his eye off me for more than a second 😉

He gave me chicken every time I did a wee in the garden (so I drank lots and lots 😉  )


He knew how much breakfast, dinner and tea to give me (I was hoping there might be bigger helpings.)

He didn’t take me out for a walk or do “homework.”

He fell asleep after playing “Fetch!” with me and didn’t notice I needed to go out for “the other thing” (I helped him clean it up though.)

He dragged me back through the hedge after he’d taken his eye off me for more than a second (though I wondered if I could make a game out of that.)

He mended the holes that I’d carefully made in the side gate to the little garden.

He shut me in the little garden so he didn’t have to play the run-along-the other-side-of-the-hedge-shouting-“Amos!”-and then-drag-the-puppy-through-the-hedge game.

Dad really enjoyed looking after me, but he was more than usually pleased to see Mum back!


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