September 27, 2011

Four months old today!

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Today is a bit special, because I am four months old exactly 🙂

I had a nice day.

I – – – –

  • Woke up and had a bit of a tug at the stuffing in my bedding
  • Said, “Good morning!” nicely to Spike and Mum when she let me out of my bedtime crate
  • Had a big wee and the other thing in the garden
  • Had a play with Spike
  • Ate my breakfast
  • Did another big wee in the garden
  • Helped with the ducks
  • Helped Mum feed the rabbits and guinea pigs (I do wish she wouldn’t hold my collar in there)
  • Did some homework in the garden
  • Said, “Good morning!” nicely to Dad when he got up (He seems very tired since looking after me at the weekend)
  • Played with Dad (he likes to throw things, so I keep fetching them for him)
  • Played with Mum (she likes throwing things too – they’re easily entertained)
  • Played with Spike again
  • Found some “pudding”
  • Played with the cat
  • Ate my dinner
  • Had a little snooze
  • Did more wees and things in the garden
  • Went out for a walk with Mum and did homework and watching cars go past
  • Sat on the grass near a field to watch a big tractor working
  • Played with Mum again
  • Went to school (I played with the round brown puppy again 😀 though I don’t think I was supposed to)
  • Had my tea
  • Had a little snooze

Here are some pictures of me on my special day:


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