September 29, 2011

Riding on a bus and knitting

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I went on a bus this evening!!!!!!!!

We walked a little way down the road past where we stop and talk to the man on the corner and along the road where we watched the big tractor yesterday.

I don’t like lorries or tractors or noisy cars and especially not buses, so I did my best to get away from the bus when it stopped. Mum picked me up and carried me up the step and then everything was all right again – there were lots of people inside 😀

Have I told you I love people?

Anyway, I sat nicely on the floor in front of Mum and spread my feet a bit to lean into the corners – the bus went fast!

There were two nice people sitting opposite me with a big – I don’t know what it was really – a bit like a big case but with wheels on. The nice people liked me and talked to Mum. Something from inside the bag on wheels made a noise I’d never heard before, so I pricked my ears up and then tried to get a better look. Mum held me back and the lady smiled and laughed.

The bus stopped in the town I’ve been to lots of times now – the one with the ducks and the river and cream tea and the nice shop with books and toy tractors.

I didn’t mind jumping off the bus – that was fun. The nice people got off too. The lady said her dad had a puppy like me who was going to be a sheepdog 🙂

I didn’t like the cars I saw, but we soon went through a tunnel and Mum carried me into a house which she called a pub. There were people sitting around a table. Some were eating, some were drinking and they all had knitting! They were very pleased to see me and liked my waggy tail 😀

They all had a turn at cuddling me and I showed them some of my best “sit”s and “down”s and “leave it!”s.

One lady going past the table called me “Adorable!”

I tried to get some wool out of one lady’s bag – I knew it was for knitting with – but she put the bag up onto the table, which was a shame, because I’ve practised with Mum’s wool at home.

When it was time to go home, we went to the river first  🙂 and bumped into cousins Maddie and Oliver.

I saw the bus arriving at the bus stop and was a little bit worried to begin with, but once it had come to a standstill, I pulled to get onto it – there would be people inside 🙂

I do like riding on the bus. I hope Mum takes me to the knitting group again.


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