October 7, 2011

Is it my fault?

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Is it my fault if Dad gets up to look after me to give Mum a rest and then gets back into bed before I’ve quite done everything I need to do outside? (Mum had to get up then, to help me clear up – and I really did do my best to help her!)

Is it my fault if, when I wake from a deep sleep and there’s no one about, I have to use the hall floor (I made it look a bit like a duck pond 😀 ) and then the carpet near the back door ? (I made that very dangerous to walk across, apparently :$ )

Is it my fault that Dad’s cleared out the ditch and made some big gaps in the hedge?

Is it my fault if the cat goes into the field with the cows and I follow him and Dad can’t get me back?

Is it my fault if I come straight back when Mum calls me and come back into the house as I’ve been told, but haven’t had a chance to do a wee, because I was too busy following the cat and then coming straight back when Mum called?

Is it my fault that when Mum cleared up after me again, she found she’d trodden in something she shouldn’t have and had some more cleaning up to do?

I don’t think it’s my fault. Mum isn’t cross with me and I even heard her asking Uncle 3arn0wl if he wanted a puppy, so she must think it’s very nice having a puppy, but she does seem a bit tired.

I’m a bit tired again – I think I’ll have another little snooze.


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