October 22, 2011

A walk in the dark

Mum took me to Horncastle again today, to see more cars. We walked in the Market Place, where there were men in shiny jackets moving metal poles and fences about. The men were friendly, but I didn’t like the noisy job they were doing.

We called in to see cousins Maddie and Oliver. They really weren’t very pleased to see me, but always seem to like Mum. She gave them some of my “Good!” treats, so I ate some of their food (their mum had left it in a big sack propped up – I didn’t mean to tip it over.)

We also visited some of Mum’s family, who gave me lots of fuss and a bowl of water 😀

The best bit of our outing came next, though, just as it was growing dark, when Mum took me on a walk she used to do with her old dog, Jess.

We walked along a canal bank, crossed over at a bridge, then came back along the other side. It was very dark by this time, and Mum said she was pleased I had plenty of white on me to see me in the dark.

I think Mum should have worn one of those shiny coats that the men in the market place were wearing!


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