October 27, 2011

A good nose

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I’ve never thought there was anything wrong with my nose actually, but today, Mum said I had a good one.

Tesla’s getting really fed up with being kept in the house all the time since his accident, so Mum took him out for a supervised walk in the garden (on three legs – he has one which doesn’t work at the moment), while I was shut in the kitchen. I think that was a bit unfair to the cat, as he must surely be missing me.

Anyway, when he was back in the “Not in here, Amos!” room he’s been living in since he came back smelling of the vets, Mum let me go out into the garden.

I followed a very strong smell from the back door, across the grass to the flower garden, right up to the fence, along the hedge as far as the tree with prickly leaves and red berries and then stopped to sniff where he’d done a wee – why do cats bury their wees and make them hard to find? Spike and I like everyone to know where we’ve been! – and then his scent disappeared into the air.

Mum seemed surprised that I knew exactly where Tesla had walked and done his wee and then been picked up to be carried inside. Doesn’t she realise that’s one of the reasons dogs are so much better than cats?

Anyway, I’m happy she thinks I have a good nose 🙂


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