November 6, 2011

A busy weekend

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It’s been a busy weekend. Mum did more cleaning up than she normally does (and it wasn’t all because of me), Peter had parcels to open (he was happy that I helped him with that), chairs were arranged around the room, lots of food was put on the table and more people than I could count came to visit 😀 (Cousins Maddie and Oliver came too!)

Spike and I behaved very nicely, (though I really don’t understand why I had to go in my crate while everyone was eating) and after tea, Spike and I entertained the visitors. I let Maddie play with my toys, but she was a bit too quick for my liking to chase after the ball I was “fetch!”-ing. I’ve learned that it’s always best to let older dogs win, so I had to keep giving up my favourite toys 😦

Mum and Dad were very pleased with the way I’d behaved, and after everyone had gone home, Graham played a special game with me, where he let me choose which toy I played with 😀


They’ve just waved goodbye to Peter.

I don’t think they wanted the meaty eggs they’d left on the work-surface in the kitchen.

Hope not, anyway.


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