November 12, 2011


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Ever since I got a bit too keen and grabbed one of the ducks that was not going where it should, Mum has kept them in their run, when I’m about, rather than loose in the garden. In spite of helping with them every morning, by running round and round their enclosure while they are being let out, fed and strawed down, and then dragging the hosepipe over to where it’s needed for refilling the pond, (and  helping to coil it back up afterwards), Mum hasn’t trusted me within gripping distance of them 😦

So, today, when she thought I needed a wee (I didn’t) and the ducks were at the end of the garden where she thought I wouldn’t notice them (I did), I was let out – teehee 😀

I thought nonchalance was called for, so she would think I wasn’t  interested in them (I was.) The plan worked, so I suddenly shot off in their direction. Unfortunately, I was stopped mid-run, with the enticing “Aaaaaaamos!” call which I find impossible to ignore and ran back immediately. Mum was pleased anyway, and played with me as a reward. She wasn’t bright enough to see me working out my next plan though, which was to chase after the toy, then run out of sight and around the garage to fetch the ducks from the other direction.

My plan worked well, as by the time she realised what I was doing, I had my little flock going where I wanted them 😉

I ran around the ducks a few times, then walked behind as they waddled back to the gate in their run. I stood still once they were safely back inside, turning to Mum with a smile.

She was impressed, there is no doubt – very impressed 😛

Maybe she’ll learn to trust me a bit more now?


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