November 16, 2011


Yesterday was an exciting day!

First, there were the sheep at the end of the garden, then last night, Mum took me to a new school 😀

I liked my last school very much, with Debbie and the sausage lady, the round brown puppy and the PE equipment, but my new class there was on the “wrong night.”

My new school is in a big, warm building, with rubber mats so that the dogs don’t slip on the shiny wooden floor.

There were so many people and puppies I’d not met before, that I didn’t know where to start with my “Hello!”s.

The lady behind the table seemed pleased to see us, so I began with her. It was a shame the table was so wobbly – I didn’t mean to knock things off it.

It was so hard to concentrate on my lesson, but it would have been very rude not to greet all the puppies and their mums and dads, I felt.

The rubber mats made it easy for me to grip with my toes as I pulled Mum around the room 😀

The lesson was over very quickly. I didn’t hear many, “Good!”s and Mum seemed a bit hot and bothered.

The teacher said something about settling down and asked if we would like to stay and watch the next class for the bigger, cleverer dogs.

That’s when I met Meg, a black Labrador. She was nice 😀

Lots more bigger dogs arrived and as Mum and I watched how clever they were, I “settled down” (apparently) and the teacher said I could join in 😀

Soon I was walking nicely at heel, stopping and starting, “about turn!”-ing, weaving around other “handlers and dogs”, doing “sit-stay!”s and “down-stay!”s and “stand-stay!”s and going to Mum as soon as she called, AND, AND – we had a dog biscuit to “leave!” and then eat when we were allowed 😀 (I forgave Meg for rushing over and stealing my first one!)

I think the teacher was quite pleased with me. She was especially delighted by the way I hurtled at full speed towards Mum when she called me 😀

Mum says she’s happy, as long as I come as soon as I’m called – control can come later, ( whatever that means.)

I was excited and happy to meet all the other people and dogs, though a mop was brought out a few times and Mum’s hoping I can introduce some control  in that department, (whatever that means.)


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