November 23, 2011

A real sheepdog!

Not me (though I do practise on the ducks), but the dog I met with his boss at the end of the garden yesterday.

I barked at them, just in case – in case of what, I didn’t know, but just in case.

When Mum heard me barking, she came to see and said, “Hello!” to the man.

It didn’t seem right to bark then, so I made friends with his dog through the hedge.

He was a grown-up sheepdog called Mac and had gathered all the sheep for his boss! 😀

They’d come back to collect the wire string fence.

Mum and the man talked for a long time. I heard the word, “pup” and “dog” and “sheep” and “training” and “trials” and even the name of my old boss on the farm where I was born!

Mac and I reached up with our front feet so we could sniff one another. He was a very nice dog. We would have played together if our mum and dad had let us climb over to one another, but Mac had work to do.

I wonder when I am going to be a sheepdog.


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