December 18, 2011

A poem

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It’s time that I put pen to paper 😉

To tell you of all that is new,

I could post some prose or a photo,

But a poem is long overdue!


We’re staying with Graham, in his house,

Until he’s “Well on the mend.”

He’s had a big operation,

And mustn’t lift, twist or bend.


Mum says he shouldn’t play tuggy,

Or throw, catch, or run round and round,

So I pick up my toys to amuse him,

And just leave them for him on the ground.


Spike knows his way round the woods here,

He showed me the path and the brook 🙂

The stream was a bit disappointing;

I thought I’d at least see a duck!


I went to the park, though, this morning,

Did some training, then ran off the lead.

Couldn’t wait to be told, “Off you go, then!”

Mum said, “It’s just what you need!”


She went shopping today – didn’t take me,

So I played with Boggle and Jack,

Then I watched for her out of the window,

And settled there till she came back.












I might be going back home soon,

With Spike and I hope Graham too,

It’s nice to go somewhere different,

But at home I have more things to do.


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