January 13, 2012

A very nice man

I surprised Mum this morning 😀
I think it was a nice surprise.

She’d let me out into the garden to do my wee (I’m so embarrassed to think that I ever used to do them in the house :$ ) when I noticed a very interesting and must-follow-this! sort of smell.

Well, I followed it around the garden and through a freshly dug hole under the fence, along the hedge, through another fence and into a garden I hadn’t been in before.

There, I met a very nice man, who made a fuss of me, before finding some rope, which he slipped through my collar. He lead me along the street, round the corner and back to the front door of Graham’s house 😀

Mum did look surprised when she saw me with the man on the doorstep.
They chatted for a while about badgers, whatever they are.

The man obviously didn’t know my name, because he said I was “Delightful!”


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