January 20, 2012

Still raining, but all is well

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I poked my nose out of the door yesterday morning at Graham’s house. It was raining. I wasn’t impressed. There was nothing for it though – I had to go and do what I had to do go and do, and besides, as I stood half in, half out, I felt Mum’s foot gently persuading me that in was not an option.

The day improved. I helped with tidying up πŸ™‚

Mum says dogs are not very good at tidying. I don’t know what she means, because everything she went to pick up, I picked up too. Some things needed ripping up into smaller pieces, some needed running off with, some needed chewing and the rest, I took to her for throwing (she still enjoys that game.)

Then came the most wonderful thing – Spike and Dad arrived! I was so pleased to see them both after so long, that I couldn’t help but wag myself silly! Spike and I ran round the garden together and I showed him my new ball – the biggest ever πŸ˜€

The car was loaded with all my toys, bed, leads and Mum’s things, and Spike and I jumped into the back.I was sad to leave Graham behind and my new friend, Oscar, of course, but it’s always fun to go in the car.

When the car stopped, I could smell and see that we were back home.

Tesla was waiting to greet me and decided to play theΒ hide-on-the-chairs-under-the-table game.

I nosed the lid off my toy box and found all the toys I’d left behind.

I checked the ducks were safely in their shed for the night.

I ran along the hedge to make sure everything was fine.

Spike had held the fort well while I was away, but he was pleased I was back to help him.

This morning, I poked my nose out of the door. It was still raining. I wasn’t impressed, but I there was nothing for it – I had things to do and this time I didn’t need Mum to persuade me πŸ˜€


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