February 4, 2012

Photographs from an upstairs window

Mum took these from a long way away, when I was running very fast and when it wasn’t very light.
The first is of me helping with the ducks (my favourite job.)

The second is of just a few of the Blackbirds and Fieldfares who come every day to eat the crab apples.

It’s snowing here now, but not as much as where I was born – Mum says they’ve had two feet of snow in half an hour there.

I wonder what that feels like to run on.

A late edit  (nearly “Boing!” time!)

OOOOOH!  I know now 😀 

I went into the garden this evening, to do what I had to do – Spike went straight back in – but I stayed outside , because it was white everywhere and when I ran, it didn’t feel like running on grass at all!

It was soft and fluffy, but creaky under my paws and sometimes my legs disappeared into a deep bit. All the smells were different . It felt sort of wet too, but I didn’t get wet or muddy at all!  

I found Watering Can (one of my favourite things) and ran all around the garden with it (lots of times!)

It was so exciting 😀

I was sorry when Dad called me in 😦

I do hope it’s still there in the morning, so Mum might come out and play with me in it  – I think she’ll like it 😀


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