February 15, 2012

Bright lights and applause

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I DID go to school last night 😀

Mum walked with me all the way there. It was dark. The cars kept coming past with their bright lights, which helped us to see the footpath for a few yards ahead when they came up from behind, but coming towards us the lights shone in our eyes and then made everything black. My nose helped me, so I helped Mum by keeping her close to the hedge (a bit too close, maybe, because she shouted, “Ouch!” once or twice!)

It took a long time to get to school and we were both very glad when we saw the lights of the classroom drawing close.

I had a wonderful time 😀

My shiny, black-coated young lady friend was there and we wriggled and squirmed and nosed each other as often as we could.

The teacher said my name, gave Mum a rosette and a piece of paper and everyone clapped,

“Please welcome Amos to the eight o’clock class!” she invited.

We do clever things in this class, like staying still for a very long time, walking at our person’s heel and stopping and starting and turning suddenly, coming straight away when called, and retrieving. I wish we had more time to play with the other dogs, though – we could have a lot of fun!

It was a long lesson, then we walked all the way home. Mum seemed a bit sluggish when we got back, so I thought I would liven her up a bit by taking her things to throw 😀


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