May 18, 2012

Time for a walk

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I’ve woken her up with my nose and a kiss,

And I’ve been out to do what I have to.

The ducks are let out, strawed down and fed grain,

I helped her a lot. She said, “Thank you!”


Breakfast was good, gobbled up in a trice,

Washed down with a drink of cold water,

She’s played with a ball, New Rope, Squeak and Jack,

To mention a few that I brought her.


I’ve practised my “Heel!”, my “Sit!”, “Stand!” and “Down!”

And I’ve come when she’s called in an instant.

I resisted the urge to move from the spot,

When she said, “Stay!” from a distance.


I’ve followed her round as she’s tidied the house,

And helped with the jobs that I’m able:

We’ve picked up the sticks that I’d chewed on the floor,

And toys hiding under the table.


I’ve watched every move, for a hint of a sign,

(Though I won’t be annoying and beg)

She’s brushing her hair – – – donning a coat – – –

And, yes! The lead’s off its peg! 😀


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