June 27, 2012

Top Class

I’m in the top class at school now, with all the very clever and well-mannered dogs 😀

It’s more interesting than my last class, because Mum asks more of me and I have to think a bit harder. She was nervous last night, I could tell, so I had to show her she needn’t worry and do all the new tricks as quickly and as expertly as I could.

A new one is to go and lie down on a blanket. We’d practised that one at home a couple of times, so I knew exactly what to do. It doesn’t take much to please people, I’ve learned, and you wouldn’t believe how impressed everyone was when I ran to my new blanket and in one quick movement turned to face Mum, while flopping down with my chin firmly on the ground, looking up for my next command.

The next new one was hard. I always (well, nearly always) run as fast as I can to Mum as soon as she calls me. Last night I was being very good – I didn’t want to let her down – when she changed her mind and shouted, “Down!” before I’d reached her. My response was immediate, though I have to say I was somewhat confused by her contradictory instructions! I’ll have to be ready for that one another time, I can see.

I was trusted to be off my lead a lot last night, but that wasn’t difficult – as soon as Mum left me in a “Wait!”  and marched briskly off in twists and turns across the hall, I had eyes only for where she would go next and was very glad when she called me to “Heel!”

Walking at heel on the lead with all the other dogs was a bit tricky for me at times though, because there were two dogs who didn’t like me joining their class and I had to keep an eye on them. Just as they’d settled and got used to me, I caught the enticing whiff of a very nice dog behind me and I’m afraid I couldn’t help myself and didn’t want to be at Mum’s side any more. The teachers made excuses for me – “He’s tired,” they said. I might have been tired, but I was a bit naughty really – I should show Mum more respect 😳

Now I’m in the top class, I have to help clear up at the end, which means sitting quietly while Mum and the others sweep up the dog hair, roll up the mats, stack the chairs, close the windows and put out the lights. What responsibility comes with being at the top!



  1. Very impressive Amos! Sound like lots of fun in top class 😀

    Comment by The Barkshire Post — June 27, 2012 @ 6:13 pm

    • The other dogs in top class are VERY impressive.
      I’m going to have fun learning to be as clever as them 😀

      Comment by amosthebordercollie — June 29, 2012 @ 12:49 am

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