August 18, 2012

That’ll do!

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Sometimes it’s difficult to fathom my humans :/

Every morning I help get the ducks out of their shed and run, and every night I help put them away.

When I first learned to move the ducks around the garden all by myself and kept taking them to Dad, he was delighted. He called Mum to come and see:

“Watch what Amos is doing!”

Mum was delighted too and went back in for the camera.

I was pleased with myself and enjoyed all the “Clever boy!”s and “Good lad!”s

Well, I’ve been honing my duck-herding skills, and as anyone learning something new knows, practice makes perfect.

I practise bringing them up to the house and putting them in the corner of the flower bed,
I practise pushing them up onto the patio,
I practise taking them to the ditch,
I practise putting them back in their run,
I practise holding them in the corner of the run,
I practise driving them out of the run again,
I practise taking them around the vegetable patch,
I practise driving them back into the corner of the flower bed,
I practise holding them there for a little while, then
I practise taking them back to their run – – – – –

I thought Mum and Dad would be pleased :/ , but all I get is,

“Amos! Leave those poor ducks alone! That’ll do!


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