October 21, 2012

Back to square one

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Today, I failed a test 😳

I was taking the Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze award.

I had to pass every single part of the test to get my award. Mum had some questions to answer too.


The things I did well:

Letting Mum open my mouth to look down my throat.

Letting Mum show the lady my teeth.

Letting Mum look in my ears and eyes.

Letting Mum examine my legs, feet, tail and tickly bits.

Standing still to be brushed all over.

Walking nicely on a lead on my own and with other people and dogs near me.

Going straight to Mum when she called me.

Being sensible when Mum was taking me through a gate and closing it behind her.


The thing I didn’t do well:

Staying still in one place for a whole minute.

Mum put me in a “Down!”

How was I expected to remain still, when on our first attempt, a big bouncy, playful Labrador puppy broke her stay and came over and jumped on me? (She was very nice and we enjoyed a bit of a romp until our leads were grabbed 😉 )

On my second go (I was given another chance since I could be excused for jumping up under those circumstances), I thought, that by changing to a “Sit!”  I would get a better view of Ruby and any other female who might want to pounce on me. My action resulted in a swift and firm rebuke, so I plonked myself down again, but slithered a little and rolled on my back, in a rather enticing and attractive way, I hoped.

The lady with the clipboard was not impressed and Ruby and I went home without certificates or rosettes.

The upshot is that I have to go back to square one with my “Stay!”s, because being an eager, active, enthusiastic dog who wants to be up and doing things, I have to learn that “Stay!” means “Stay!”


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