November 30, 2012

Temporary measures

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I’m told it’s temporary – not being asked to help with the ducks – just while the garden near the duck run is extra wet and muddy.

I’m still allowed to help feed the sheep 🙂 as it’s not so muddy there. They have hay and nuts and oats two or three times a day and a tub of fresh water.

Their house is moved every so often, so that they have a clean place to shelter from the wind and heavy rain, sleet and snow in Winter, and the hot sun in Summer. I don’t actually go into the little field, but just keep an eye on them from the fence, ready for any break-out!

The boy lamb likes to have his head scratched and is very friendly, the girl lamb is always climbing up into the hedge or onto the little house roof and the old ewe stands and stares at the back door and windows and “Baaaa”s a lot.



Here are some pictures of them Mum took in the Summer.





The sheep were supposed to be temporary, but Mum gets a bit attached to things, especially animals.

But that’s good, isn’t it? It means I’m less likely to be temporary 😀


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