December 31, 2012

Resolutions – how did I do?

This time last year, I resolved to:

1.“Find out where the hosepipe’s gone – it surely can’t be easier for them to use buckets to fill the ducks’ ponds!” 

I think it might have been a hosepipe ban which made them put it away – – –  they cut off a short, perforated length for me to play with, but I’ve not seen the rest since :/

2. “Accumulate more toys – I need to show everyone how many names of objects I can learn, and make my party piece even more impressive :)

Yep! No problem with that one, (though I’ve also lost one or two during the year – at the beach, down the ditch pipe and inside Spike!)   

3. “Persuade Mum to feed the cat in the kitchen so he can share his food with me ;)

😦 Failed with this one – Tesla is now fed outside.

4. “Continue to train Mum – she’s not doing badly, but there’s room for improvement.”

This one’s ongoing. There is still room for improvement 😉

5. “Perfect the silent climbing-up-onto-the-comfy-chairs-when-no-one’s-looking technique.”

Definitely succeeded with this one – a combination of perfecting the butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-his-mouth look and encouraging the let-sleeping-dogs-lie philosophy. They even cover the seats with especially comfortable blankets for me 😉

 6. “Eat less coal and cat litter.”

Yep – another one ticked off, though neither is so readily available, I notice.

7. “Live life to the full!! :D”

Done that! Doing that and that’s 2013’s resolution sorted too!


Amos and sheep Lonscale

(Photograph by Rachel Scrimgeour)



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