January 28, 2013

Interesting things

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I’m always cautiously optimistic when they start piling boxes of things near the front door.




I like to work out whose  things they are, where they might be going, who’s going to take them and whether Spike and I will be invited.

The pile of things went into the car, as did Spike as soon as he saw the opportunity of the open front door, the side gate and the car door – he’s no fool!

There wasn’t much room for me when it came to “Amos, in the car!” time, but I snuggled in and politely asked Spike to budge up a bit and off we went 🙂

Robert was at the other end of our long journey. He was pleased to see his things and us too. Once the car had been emptied into Robert’s new house, he showed us around where he lives.




He has too many cars near his house, but after only a very short walk, he has a snowy park with hills, paths, trees, a fast-flowing river, bridges, fields, children’s playgrounds and a place with interesting animals in enclosures (Spike and I weren’t allowed in the last two places.)


Mum was complaining about the light (her camera skills), but wanted to show you these:




There were a few “Awwww”s when Mum was looking at these:




but Spike and I were eager to get on – there were so many new things to see and smell 🙂



An exciting day was topped off  by tea (I’m always glad they remember to pack our tea!) and meeting a new friend 😀

I reminded her of her collie back home and she really, really liked my cuddles 😀

Thank you for showing us your new home, Robert 😀



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