March 27, 2013


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There’s a biting cold wind and the sky looks like snow,

So she’s snuggled in front of the fire.

I see no fun in sitting,

Or reading,

Or knitting,

Or listening to songs from a choir 😦


With a tap on the door I ask to go out.

She slowly gets up and obliges,

Goes back to her seat,

Her book,

And the heat,

Which to me no surprise is (tricky rhyme, that 😉 )


I tap straight away, as though to come in,

With a sigh, she rises once more,

Opens the door,

Says, “Come  in!”

I run off a smidgen and then – – –


She closes the door, goes back to her book and I

Repeat – the – whole – process again 🙂


Looking as keen as I can, with purpose and vim,

I stare at a toy, then the distance.

She’s weakening, I know – it’s beginning to show,

It’s working, you know – my persistence 🙂


She’s now by my side, though it’s taken a while,

To drag her away from the fire.

The garden’s more fun,

Come rain, snow or sun,

We play till the pair of us tire 🙂


We play and we train and we train and we play,

It’s all much the same – interaction!

I’m a demanding young hound,

But all that I ask,

Is to be with my people and ACTION! 😀


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