February 1, 2014

Almost a useful sheepdog

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We had a good day at sheepdog school this week.

I almost managed to sniff Skye’s bottom 🙂 though disappointingly, she moved out of my reach 😦

Sue showed Mum how to help me get the sheep into the little pen 🙂 We had to deal with the chocolate one that kept sneaking away from the rest, some overshooting of our target, a few refusals and a couple of ewe turns (hehehe) but in the end we did it! 😀 Mum couldn’t help giving out a self congratulatory cheer and I must confess to wearing a grin of satisfaction myself 😀

I made friends with Joe 🙂

And then, perhaps best of all, when I thought I’d had all of my turns, Sue gave me a very responsible job 😀 She asked me to help Tay with her go! I had to hold the sheep in the middle of the field for her to run round. That was very tricky, because the sheep ran away from her, but I worked hard and tried my very best. I almost kept them there.To keep the sheep safe, Mum and I steered them into the big round pen for the rest of Tay’s turn.

I wonder if I’m a useful sheepdog yet – – – – ?


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