June 10, 2014

Canal Rescue

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Our holiday in Van was full of surprises.

It was Dad’s birthday one day, so there were nice surprises of cards, parcels and a cake.

The surprise I enjoyed best though, was when ALL the boys and Sarah found us! 🙂

That was a BIG surprise for Dad and made him very happy 🙂 

They put up tents and stayed with us for a few days and joined Dad on his walks.


Spike had a big surprise too, but not a nice one 😦

Mum was taking us for a nice walk before breakfast, when Spike fell into the canal 😮

The bank was very steep and with his legs being a bit wobbly these days, he slipped, did a nose-dive and disappeared under the water!

He likes swimming, and he’ll bravely put his head underwater to find a ball, but he’s never disappeared like that before.

Mum was very frightened, so I worried too, but up he bobbed again and I thought all was well. Mum was still worried though. Spike paddled around a bit, then looked for a way to get out. The sides of the canal were straight, the water was deep and he couldn’t climb out 😦

Mum called him to her and grabbed his collar, but she couldn’t get him out. She shouted for help and no one came.

Then Mum had a nice surprise – she’d got her pocket telephone in her pocket! (Unusual and very fortunate, everyone said later.) With one hand she pressed some buttons, talked urgently to it, and in no time at all, Robert came running to help 🙂

Between them, they were able to drag poor Spike up onto the bank, where he coughed and panted and shivered. He was pleased to be out of the canal, however roughly they’d had to manhandle him. We walked slowly back to Van, where Spike was wrapped in a blanket until he stopped shaking.









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