May 27, 2016

And Happy Birthday to me :D

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It’s my turn today. I am Five years old.

I posed obligingly for the birthday portraits.




Enjoyed a game of “Find it!”




And posed again with my sons.




My nose tells me there might be birthday tea later 😀


November 6, 2011

A busy weekend

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It’s been a busy weekend. Mum did more cleaning up than she normally does (and it wasn’t all because of me), Peter had parcels to open (he was happy that I helped him with that), chairs were arranged around the room, lots of food was put on the table and more people than I could count came to visit 😀 (Cousins Maddie and Oliver came too!)

Spike and I behaved very nicely, (though I really don’t understand why I had to go in my crate while everyone was eating) and after tea, Spike and I entertained the visitors. I let Maddie play with my toys, but she was a bit too quick for my liking to chase after the ball I was “fetch!”-ing. I’ve learned that it’s always best to let older dogs win, so I had to keep giving up my favourite toys 😦

Mum and Dad were very pleased with the way I’d behaved, and after everyone had gone home, Graham played a special game with me, where he let me choose which toy I played with 😀


They’ve just waved goodbye to Peter.

I don’t think they wanted the meaty eggs they’d left on the work-surface in the kitchen.

Hope not, anyway.

September 16, 2011

Birthday tea

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The other day we went for a long ride in the car for “birthday tea.”

I like riding in the car, because I have my people and Spike with me and when we stop and get out, it’s always somewhere interesting 🙂

We stopped at a park with ducks (but no hosepipe, so I couldn’t help 😦 ), where Mum took Spike and me for a nice walk on our leads, while Dad and Peter went shopping. I said, “Hello!” to lots of very small children in pushchairs and their mums who thought I was lovely.
It would have been nice to run around with Spike, but we had to stay on our leads.

The second time we stopped it was at a place Spike knew. Graham and Robert were there to greet us, which was nice. It smelled a lot of them and a bit of Dad too, but I don’t think Mum, Peter and Tesla had been there for a long time.
I liked the garden and I played with Spike, who was very happy.

Robert was pleased to see me and said I had grown and played with me.Graham was pleased to see me and said I had grown and cuddled me.

Rosie, the little brown dog from next-door-but-one came to play. She was nice to run around with.

Robert’s friend came to see him. She was very nice, but she had a heavy, scary dog called Teddy with her and I ran and hid behind Mum. Spike played a bigger boys’ game with him, but I just watched.

Spike and Teddy played a “bigger boys’ game.”

Mum and Dad did “birthday tea” which was a big table full of food 😀 I have grown and could stretch up and reach the birthday tea near the edge of the table 😀 I put some paw-prints in the ham and knocked a bowl of tomatoes onto the floor, but the boys thought it was funny.
Dad brought my crate in, where I had to sleep while everyone else reached the food 😦

I wish all my people could be in one place, but Mum, Dad and Peter climbed back into the car with Spike and me to go home and left Graham and Robert behind.
I don’t remember much about the journey home because Mum went to sleep and so did I.

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