April 26, 2016

Boys in Trouble

All three of us were in the doghouse this weekend.

I discovered I could jump over the green wire fence and push through the prickly hedge. I was caught in the act, so went sheepishly back when I was called (though only after I’d had a bit of a bark at the little dog walking past my garden.) I was confined to the house and the teeny, tiny side garden for a whole day! When I was at last allowed into the big garden, I discovered what Dad had been busy doing 😦


He’s now ordered rolls of tall green wire fence, in case I think he’s built me a ladder.

Mum wanted to go to a brass band concert, but the Little Boys put paid to that idea when they ate a bunch of grapes. Silly Little Boys – didn’t they listen when I told them what happened to me when I ate a chocolate cake? Actually, we don’t really know if both of them ate the grapes. It was probably Campbell – he eats EVERYTHING, including tissue paper, magazines, important letters, cardboard, soap, plants, toys, shoes, twenty-pound notes and the builders’ biscuits! Today, Dad bought six fruit pies. Dad had two, Ben ate one, and Campbell found the last three.

Mum took me with her in the car today, to keep me out of trouble. I had to spend a long time in there, but we stopped on the way home for a lovely long walk. We both got a bit wet in a hailstorm, but neither of us got into trouble 😀


March 4, 2012

Crime and punishment

My punishment was harsh.


First, at the vet’s house I was stung on my shoulders, in spite of waggling my whole self and aiming a big kiss at her nose.

Then I was locked in a cell, with only paper towels on the floor.

I felt very sick and was very sick 😦

Next, Mum held me while the vet squirted some thick black gunge down my throat.

At home later, Dad tried to hold me while Mum pushed the squirty tube in my mouth like the vet did, but I knew what was coming and got the better of them. (It did look tasty when they put it in my dish though, so I lapped it all up.)

Now, it’s way past my tea time, but no one has fed me 😦


My crime was small.


Mum had made Dad a big chocolate cake.

It was right at the back of the work surface, but I’ve learned how to reach things with my outstretched paw and drag them into eating-range and I thought I would just try a little bit.

It was so tasty.

I couldn’t help myself.

I didn’t leave any for Dad 😳

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