May 25, 2016

A Father’s Pride

Campbell’s been coming along with me and Mum to sheepdog school and is shaping up rather well. I’m very proud of him 😀


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Dad and Berwick came with us last week for the first time.

They watched for a bit – – –  –DSC07162


Then had a go, first round the ring, then loose in the field.

Berwick looked a bit bewildered, and wandered off to look for something more interesting, though how there can be anything more interesting than sheep, I don’t know!



The Little Boys’ grandad Bryn came in to try and help – – 




But he still couldn’t see the point of it all, and came out of the field to look for Mum.

He might be a slow learner at Sheepdog School, but he’s a star student at his other school; there he has a silver certificate for being a Good Citizen 😀

He might not be interested in sheep or toys, but I’m still rather proud of him.


August 12, 2012

It shouldn’t happen at the vets!

I’m beginning to have my doubts about the vets.

My first visit couldn’t have been more enjoyable, with lots of “Oooh!”s and “Aaahhhh!”s and cuddles and kisses 🙂

The very next day, I was taken back. More “Oooh!”s and “Aaahhhh!”s, more cuddles and kisses, but spoiled by what I thought was a wasp attack (I knew no better at the time.)

When I ate the chocolate cake, (okay, that was very bad, but I wasn’t very old), another trip to the vets ensued. That visit was not pleasant, by any stretch of the imagination, but I took my punishment and vowed to forgive and forget – she was a very nice vet after all.

However, when I was taken there yet again the other day, I was affronted by the unexpected familiarity with which the vet treated me – my tummy and tickly bits are really no business of  hers, I thought – and I did my best to hide them. Appealing to Mum for some help with the situation, I was met only with talk of Good Citizen’s Awards (no idea what they meant, but apparently the vet’s own puppy had embarrassingly failed hers in the examination of the dog bit.)

I did concede to sitting on the weighing machine – I am, after all, very proud of my lean, athletic and youthful 20.00kg frame 🙂

Just when things were looking up and the vet put some treats on the floor for me, she approached from the side and made my shoulders sting. I paused, mid gobble, but quickly finished the welcome offering – it almost compensated for the indignity of the whole affair.

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