March 22, 2016

Toe’s better!

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The vet had a look at my poorly toe. Because it was fat and VERY sore, he thought I might have broken it. He gave me tablets and medicine and the next day I was to have a general anaesthetic. There was talk of x-rays, pins and maybe amputation. 

More alarmingly, they forgot to give me my breakfast!

Thankfully though, the nasty thorn that was the real reason for my pain, worked its way to the surface just in time. Mum pulled it out and gave me my breakfast 😀

I was soon back on all four paws and once more able to give the Little Boys a run for their money 🙂


If you look carefully, you can see one toe is still a bit fatter than the rest (my right, inside toe.) It doesn’t hurt any more though 🙂


March 13, 2016

Chez nous

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A bit of a catch-up on what’s been happening chez nous.

I have a poorly paw. Front right – swollen toe.
I think they’ll be taking me to see the vet – poorly toes can be troublesome, as you might remember from last April!

I helped a shepherd out with a bit of flock work a few weeks ago. He was trying to gather over a hundred ewes so they could be moved to a different field. I’d been watching from the garden and could see him struggling without a sheepdog. Mother wasn’t about, so I took it upon myself to volunteer my services; I mean, what’s a keen and talented sheepdog like me supposed to do? I’m not known for jumping out of the garden, but when needs must – – – – 

After a bit of flanking to gather them together, with measured pace I took the sheep to the man near the truck and trailer. He looked a bit surprised to see me, but recognised a useful extra pair of paws when he saw one and began to make best use of me.
It was clear that he needed the sheep in one of the pens he was busily constructing with metal gates, so I steered them in for him, at least those that would fit. There were far more than could be squeezed in, so I began working around the back of them, tucking in any that tried to make a break for it. It was the sort of job I dream of – a big flock of my very own 😀

I worked and worked and worked.

The shepherd tried to call me off, but I didn’t think he could possibly mean it, with only a few of the sheep safely in the trailer and pen – I just had to keep going as long as there were loose sheep and I could stay on my feet.

I worked and worked and worked.

Then the man walked off out of the field and left me to do my job all on my own- what a huge responsibility he gave me! 😀

After a few minutes he returned with Mum. I gave her a bit of a grin and a wave – I knew she would be pleased with me, and worked extra hard to show her what a good boy I was being.
An, “Amos. That’ll do!” and I went straight to her side, feeling satisfied with a job well done.
The bonus came when the shepherd asked Mum and me to help him pen the rest of the sheep. It was my best day EVER!
Incidentally, he DID have a sheepdog with him, because afterwards he opened the back of his truck to show Mum. But she was too hard for pregnant ewes, he said, and not good like me. Now it was Mum’s turn to grin 😀


The Little Boys have done a bit more growing up. They take a great interest in everything.


DSC06194DSC06207DSC06191DSC06203 - Copy





I think they would like to be sheepdogs like me. I’ve told them it takes a bit more than just reading about it though.




They’ve also “read” a considerable number of carelessly placed food items and a pair of new shoes. They’ll eventually grow out of that, we hope.

Berwick is learning to be a “Good citizen.” Dad’s very proud of him, and comes back from Good-citizen-school with smiles and left-over sausages 🙂

Campbell comes with me and Mum to sheepdog-school. He had his first go loose in the training field last week and shows great promise.  That’s my boy! 😀


I’ve still got a poorly paw. I’ll let you know how I get on at the vet’s.



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