May 25, 2016

A Father’s Pride

Campbell’s been coming along with me and Mum to sheepdog school and is shaping up rather well. I’m very proud of him 😀


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Dad and Berwick came with us last week for the first time.

They watched for a bit – – –  –DSC07162


Then had a go, first round the ring, then loose in the field.

Berwick looked a bit bewildered, and wandered off to look for something more interesting, though how there can be anything more interesting than sheep, I don’t know!



The Little Boys’ grandad Bryn came in to try and help – – 




But he still couldn’t see the point of it all, and came out of the field to look for Mum.

He might be a slow learner at Sheepdog School, but he’s a star student at his other school; there he has a silver certificate for being a Good Citizen 😀

He might not be interested in sheep or toys, but I’m still rather proud of him.


September 9, 2015

That’s my boy!

Last week Campbell met the training sheep.

He found them very interesting, kept his eye on them and followed them around the ring – – – – 

until – – – – – – – he found sheep poo 😳



March 20, 2014

At school – – –

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You should watch and learn from others



Settle down quietly and pay attention to your teacher




Run and play nicely with your friends at playtime




And come straight away when you’re called




With huge thanks to Sue Little of Rusca Farm Working Sheepdogs, for her patient and insightful sheepdog handler training, and for helping Amos to become much more relaxed around other dogs. Angela.

November 7, 2013

Counting sheep

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I think Sue said they were Shetlands, but they were very tricky sheep anyway!

They were darker , scattier, and much faster than the ones I normally keep together and take to Mum.

Mum had to think faster than she normally does and I could see she was having a bit of trouble with that! She should have made me stay a lot further behind them, but how could I refuse when she asked me to “Walk up” instead of “Lie down?” As a result, the sheep kept going past her and she had to send me on a “Come by!” or “Away!” to turn them round and bring them back to her – no problem I do enjoy doing that! 😀

There were FIFTEEN sheep – I counted them. I fell asleep in the car and slept all the way home.





January 2, 2013

Back to work

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Yesterday was play, today was work 🙂




Eleven sheep today – eleven!

May 29, 2012

Sheepdog school :D

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I had the biggest and best of surprises today, when Mum and Dad took me in the car to a place where sheep needed moving around in a field.



There were several sheepdogs waiting their turn.




It was fun watching the other dogs move the sheep around.



When it was my turn, the sheep had to be in a pen – probably because Mum didn’t know what to do.




But I did 😀


November 23, 2011

A real sheepdog!

Not me (though I do practise on the ducks), but the dog I met with his boss at the end of the garden yesterday.

I barked at them, just in case – in case of what, I didn’t know, but just in case.

When Mum heard me barking, she came to see and said, “Hello!” to the man.

It didn’t seem right to bark then, so I made friends with his dog through the hedge.

He was a grown-up sheepdog called Mac and had gathered all the sheep for his boss! 😀

They’d come back to collect the wire string fence.

Mum and the man talked for a long time. I heard the word, “pup” and “dog” and “sheep” and “training” and “trials” and even the name of my old boss on the farm where I was born!

Mac and I reached up with our front feet so we could sniff one another. He was a very nice dog. We would have played together if our mum and dad had let us climb over to one another, but Mac had work to do.

I wonder when I am going to be a sheepdog.

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