March 22, 2016

Toe’s better!

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The vet had a look at my poorly toe. Because it was fat and VERY sore, he thought I might have broken it. He gave me tablets and medicine and the next day I was to have a general anaesthetic. There was talk of x-rays, pins and maybe amputation. 

More alarmingly, they forgot to give me my breakfast!

Thankfully though, the nasty thorn that was the real reason for my pain, worked its way to the surface just in time. Mum pulled it out and gave me my breakfast 😀

I was soon back on all four paws and once more able to give the Little Boys a run for their money 🙂


If you look carefully, you can see one toe is still a bit fatter than the rest (my right, inside toe.) It doesn’t hurt any more though 🙂


April 24, 2012

Mutual support

Mum was quite touched today (she says some people might make a joke about that  :/ )

You see, when we were out on our walk this afternoon, I was running a long way ahead when I heard her yelp in pain.

All I did was run straight back to her to see what was the matter. I gave her a little reassuring lick and a wag of my tail and stayed very close until she got up and carried on walking.

It’s only fair, because this morning, when she saw me limping, she ran straight to me and took a big thorn out of my paw.

We look after each other 😀

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