April 8, 2015

I saw the vet again today – – –

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I do like him! 

I waggled my whole self to say, “Hello!” and enjoyed a bit of fuss.  :)

He looked into my eyes, stroked my face,  admired my ears, massaged my neck, felt my legs, studied my toes, showed Mum where to feel for my lymph nodes, showed Mum how my bad toenail is growing out and getting better, more fuss, then let me jump back into the car. 

No needles, no stick up the bottom, just smiles, happy chat and lots of fuss :)

I have to eat more treats (she wraps something up in the treats – no idea what – don’t care)

MMmmmmm treats!

:) :) :)

April 3, 2015


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I love people, so I’m thoroughly enjoying all the attention I’ve been getting these last few days – except for the needles – I don’t like needles, or having a stick up my bottom – I especially don’t like that.

It’s all about my eyes and my ears, apparently. I don’t feel any different, but I look different, so everyone is very interested in me, especially the vets. I’ve seen three vets in two days.

THis is how I used to look

DSC01382 (2)And this is what I look like now


I had a sore toe a few weeks ago. Now I have tetanus. I’ve no idea what tetanus is, but not many dogs get it. 

I have two lots of tablets and some squirty stuff in my breakfast and tea and Mum and Dad watch me all the time.

They’re worried about me.

I’m not worried and I’m really enjoying the attention :) 

Special friends

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Those who know me, will know that I’m not fond of other dogs – – – – except for Spike


and cousin Gyp


and lady dogs, of course, like cousin Inca

10672388_10153474742917281_2195697783973282386_n (1)

and cousin Jess


The other week, I made a dreadful mistake, when an unfamiliar dog sniffed under the gate and my first reaction was to object strongly to the intrusion. My nose soon told me to change tack and invite this lovely lady into the garden. Her smell was divine! :)

DSC02126 (2)


She came with her humans, who had a chat and a picnic while Meg and I got to know each other better  :)




I am now officially “In a relationship.”


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At sheepdog school, Sue is always telling Mum what a talented dog I am :D

I do nice long, wide outruns, lift the sheep beautifully, fetch them calmly, (most of the time – sometimes I go a bit too fast and Sue says I’m just being naughty!) and keep an eye out for any thinking about breaking away. I balance the sheep naturally.

I do beautiful flanks, but am also very happy to drive the sheep, watching them all the time and tucking in any going astray. I stay calm and focused.   

If Mum wants them in a pen, I listen to her and together we steer them in. I hold my ground if any of them turn and stamp at me, but never lose my temper. 

Last week I began something new. First of all, Sue told Mum to lean against the fence post and ask me to bring her the sheep. Then she said absolutely nothing to me for the next few minutes, so I had to think for myself! I took the bunch of sheep right up to her, then watched them closely and worked around the back of them to keep them there. I had to keep my eyes peeled and be nimble-footed.

“Can you not see how talented he is?” enquired Sue, as I spotted every single wooly thinking about dashing off across the field.

“He’s in the right place all the time – he really reads his sheep.” 

I flashed a couple of looks at Mum after a while, asking what she wanted me to do next. The answer surprised me – she called me to her right through the middle of the sheep! I did as I was asked, but kept my eye on them all the time – they’re tricky things, sheep – you can’t afford to take your eye off them! We repeated the process a couple of times, which reassured me I was doing the right thing, and everyone seemed pleased :)

Apparently. I’ve begun to learn about shedding :D

March 16, 2015

Clever collie?

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I don’t post anything for months, then Mother insists on publicly embarrassing me.   :oops:


November 17, 2014


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Just in case, with all the talk of beaches, holidays in the van, cats, ducks, city breaks and pretty walks, you thought I’d forgotten I was a sheepdog, let me show you some pictures Dad took of me and Mum recently :)


I’ve been learning to drive :)

If only I was allowed into the field behind our garden, I could practise on these!


September 19, 2014

I spy with my little eye – – – –

– – – – something beginning with – – – – 

Last weekend seemed to be full of the letter B!

We went for a long ride in the van and stopped at a lovely Beach in a place called Beadnell Bay.

DSC01441 DSC01431 DSC01443

The next morning we travelled on and met the Boys and Bex :)

It was Bert’s Birthday. Mum had knitted him a new Beanie.

They went for a ride on a Boat and looked at Big Bridges – one was still being Built.

IMG_2410DSC01465  DSC01485DSC01486

Late at night on our way home, a tyre Burst and Dad exclaimed a word beginning with B!


August 12, 2014

Just lately – –

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– – – – it’s been all about ducks!


and swallows
















July 7, 2014


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We were onto a good thing, me and Tesla.

He would happily share his food with me, knowing he’d be fed again as soon as he was hungry (and he’s always hungry!) 




I would open the back door, then go and hop over the side gate to join him in his special eating place for breakfast or dinner or tea or supper, and just hop back over again before anyone knew ;)


We’ve been rumbled :(  

I was getting fat,

Tesla was getting thin – – – – and – – 

We made the mistake of letting ourselves back in through the front door!





Dad thinks he’s put a stop to all this – – – 





But little does he know!! ;)



June 20, 2014

While I was away – –

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My favourite walk turned red!




June 17, 2014

Robert says – – –

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“Always watch out for the paparazzi!”







 Or they might catch you unawares! ;)

















June 16, 2014

Sheep, sheep everywhere, but not a one to fetch!

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It was a good holiday in Van, but there was one big frustration – – –



In spite of being on constant lookout 





And spotting them EVERYWHERE – – – – 






I was not asked to fetch a single one!




June 10, 2014

Canal Rescue

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Our holiday in Van was full of surprises.

It was Dad’s birthday one day, so there were nice surprises of cards, parcels and a cake.

The surprise I enjoyed best though, was when ALL the boys and Sarah found us! :)

That was a BIG surprise for Dad and made him very happy :) 

They put up tents and stayed with us for a few days and joined Dad on his walks.


Spike had a big surprise too, but not a nice one :(

Mum was taking us for a nice walk before breakfast, when Spike fell into the canal :o

The bank was very steep and with his legs being a bit wobbly these days, he slipped, did a nose-dive and disappeared under the water!

He likes swimming, and he’ll bravely put his head underwater to find a ball, but he’s never disappeared like that before.

Mum was very frightened, so I worried too, but up he bobbed again and I thought all was well. Mum was still worried though. Spike paddled around a bit, then looked for a way to get out. The sides of the canal were straight, the water was deep and he couldn’t climb out :(

Mum called him to her and grabbed his collar, but she couldn’t get him out. She shouted for help and no one came.

Then Mum had a nice surprise – she’d got her pocket telephone in her pocket! (Unusual and very fortunate, everyone said later.) With one hand she pressed some buttons, talked urgently to it, and in no time at all, Robert came running to help :)

Between them, they were able to drag poor Spike up onto the bank, where he coughed and panted and shivered. He was pleased to be out of the canal, however roughly they’d had to manhandle him. We walked slowly back to Van, where Spike was wrapped in a blanket until he stopped shaking.








June 4, 2014

A Walk with Cousin Gyp

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On the second morning of our holiday, we had surprise visitors! :D


Cousin Gyp


IMG_1291 (2)


And Si




While Spike had a little rest in the van after breakfast, the rest of us went for a walk  :D




I did all I could to get Gyp to play





But he liked being with his dad best





And making sure my dad went the right way :D







June 3, 2014

Holiday Van!

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I’ve been on holiday in the car named Van! :D

There’s so much to tell you, I hardly know where to start.


We went somewhere different every day.









So there was always something new to see and smell










New places where we could play :D







And new people to meet!






May 10, 2014

A car named Van

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Spike and I like going out in the car – it means we’re not being left behind :)

We go to interesting places and sometimes even stay at a different house, which is called a holiday :)


We now have a new car, which is called Van.

It’s easier for Spike to climb into and it’s a bit like a house, because it has cupboards and a sink, and Dad can even make a cup of tea in it!






(Mum says I must point out that that’s a non-spill water bowl on the floor, NOT a potty! )






We’ve had a couple of rides in Van now






But yesterday we didn’t come home at all, because the seat turned into a bed, Mum closed the curtains  and we all went to sleep!














Construction and creativity

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Our friends came to play again last week :)


They made interesting things with the construction kit





Dug a hole and made some clay




(I don’t  think they knew who’d accidentally trodden in it :oops: )




And were creative with their lunch too!







May 2, 2014

My favourite walk is yellow

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DSCN6521DSCN6529DSCN6536DSCN6550DSCN6538DSCN6540DSCN6524DSCN6522DSCN6513 DSCN6549DSCN6527DSCN6537

April 13, 2014

For ageing ears and feet

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Spike and Dad are quite old – they’re both a bit deaf and don’t run around like I do.


Spike went to see the vet. He’s still a bit deaf, but came home with some medicine to help his poor old feet and he’s a lot more comfortable now :D






Dad went to hospital for some hearing aids (he’s looking forward to turning them off when Mum’s talking too much ;) )


He then went to see if Si and Cousin Gyp could help him with his poor old feet. 

He’s a lot more comfortable now and hopes to walk for miles and miles and miles :D  (hope he takes me with him!) 







Cousin Gyp thought Dad was nice to play with





I’m not so sure he thought the same of me :(





(With thanks to Si for the last photograph)



March 20, 2014

At school – – –

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You should watch and learn from others



Settle down quietly and pay attention to your teacher




Run and play nicely with your friends at playtime




And come straight away when you’re called




With huge thanks to Sue Little of Rusca Farm Working Sheepdogs, for her patient and insightful sheepdog handler training, and for helping Amos to become much more relaxed around other dogs. Angela.

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